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Students with symptoms of cold and fever will not be able to come to school, Directorate of Education issued instructions

The schools, which are going to open from February 1, have been appealed not to come for students with symptoms of cough, fever and cold.


The Directorate of Education has issued instructions to all school principals to instruct parents through WhatsApp that if their children have any such symptoms, do not send them to school until they are fully recovered. Apart from this,

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teachers have also been asked to take precaution, teachers have been asked to come to school only when they are fully healthy. However,

if a teacher is unwell, then they will be exempted from not coming to school only after showing the prescription of the doctor of a government hospital.


Let us know that online studies will be continued in the summer vacation schools opening from February 1. Students will not be pressured to come to school.

The school management will ensure that the process of wearing face masks, two yards, and hand sanitization is followed thoroughly. From another February 15, schools will have classes of fifth, eighth, tenth and 12th students daily. Ninth, if there is a large number of students in a class and colleges deposited, the principal will be able to leave these classes by following the prescribed number of days.

Have asked to give micro plan. Different times for students to come and lunch break will also have to be decided.

Principals must decide its schedule. There will be a ban on other mass events including retirement parties on the premises. There will not be prayer meetings.


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